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The pages below contain examples (often hypothetical) illustrating the application of different statistical analysis techniques using different statistical packages. Each page provides a handful of examples of when the analysis might be used along with sample data, an example analysis and an explanation of the output,
Ordinal scale. An ordinal scale is where: the data can be classified into non-numerical or named categories an inherent order exists among the response categories. Ordinal scales are seen in questions that call for ratings of quality (for example, very good, good, fair, poor, very poor) and agreement (for example, strongly.
This is an extract from a longer interview looking at the way nurses organise their care in hospital wards. In particular, the interviewer is interested in a key worker approach called named nursing. The interviewee is playing the role of a patient for the purposes of the interview. You might want to print the transcript so you can
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Chapter 2. Practical Data Analysis: An Example. Before talking about the full-fledged data analysis process and diving into the details of individual methods, this chapter demonstrates some typical pitfalls one encoun- ters when analyzing real-world data. We start our journey through the data analysis process by looking
Analysis is the principal tool for obtaining information from the data. Data from a survey can be used for descriptive or analytic studies. Descriptive studies are directed at the estimation of summary measures of a target population, for example, the average profits of owner-operated businesses in 2005 or the proportion of
6 Methods of data collection and analysis. 5. In the process of developing a research question, you are likely to think of a number of different research questions. It is useful to continually evaluate these questions, as this will help you refine and decide on your final research question. You could, for example, ask: • Is there a
Even if a qualitative study uses no quantitative data, there are many ways of analyzing qualitative data. For example, having conducted an interview, transcription and organization of data are the first stages of analysis. This would then be continued by systematically analyzing the transcripts, grouping together comments on
An example of statistical data analysis using the R environment for statistical computing. D G Rossiter. Version 1.4; May 6, 2017 q q q q q q q q. 10. 20. 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. 80. 10. 20. 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. 80. Topsoil clay %. Subsoil cla y %. Subsoil vs. topsoil clay, by zone q. 1. 2. 3. 4. Slopes: zone 1 : 0.834 zone 2 : 0.739.
It's now time to carry out some statistical analysis to make sense of, and draw some inferences from, your data. There is a wide range ... For example, if you think you may be interested in differences by age, the first thing to do is probably to group your data in age categories, perhaps ten- or five-year chunks. One of the most

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